Buying Art on Vacation

Hi again, I want to give you some more tips about buying art while on vacation. There are basically three types of art we have coming in from vacation trips.

The first type is art purchased from galleries then professionally packaged and shipped. This type of art usually just needs a new frame to match the existing decor or to touch up a damaged frame or slipped picture.

The second and more typical art are what I like to call memory makers. This art whether a painting or print evokes a memory of the place.  This type of art, “by U.S. standards”, is usually on low grade materials. Some examples we have seen are gorgeous paintings done on bedsheets, paintings with no margins to stretch them onto stretcher strips, paintings stretched on boards from old shipping crates. All of these problems can, to some degree, be resolved when we go to frame them. We also see prints on low grade acidic paper, matted with acidic mats and taped or glued directly to the mat board. We can replace mats and backing with better longer lasting materials, but there is some risk with removal from the old material. How much risk depends on how the art was attached.  In some cases, with better materials we can slow down the process by which the paper art self destructs. Saving or slowing down the damage to art work usually becomes a mater of value. Not just the monetary value of the art its self, but the emotional value of these memory makers. Are heroic measures called for to save a print purchased at a Parisian street fair? I would say it depends of the value of the memory that it brings to mind when you view the art.

The third type of art that comes in to the shop is cruise art. This is art purchased on ships outside U.S. waters and can be of dubious value. If you like the art for its beauty and memory of the cruise – wonderful. If you are buying it as an investment to appreciate in value then be very careful as authenticating it while at an auction on a cruise is very difficult.

We love to see your art from foreign lands and hear the stories about it and your trips.

Thats all for now.


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